Value of Pre-Planning

There are many reasons to preplan funeral arrangements. When the loss of a loved one occurs, most families find themselves unprepared to handle the costs and decisions that need to be made. Look at some of the major benefits of prearrangement:

  • Togetherness
    A husband and wife can share in the decisions together.
  • Satisfaction
    When family members select burial estate and/or funeral merchandise, everyone’s satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Price Freezing, 0% 2 year Financing
    With the rising costs of cemetery and funeral expenses you can freeze today’s prices with prearrangement/pre-payment.
  • Conserve Insurance
    Life insurance proceeds are not usually available to pay at need expenses. These funds allow a family time to adjust to the loss of income that death causes. Help your loved one conserve insurance proceeds with prepayment. The funeral home will help your family apply for any and all benefits to which your estate may be entitled.
  • Peace of Mind
    Give your family peace of mind by removing the burden of funeral expenses and decisions for them.

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