Memorials, Monuments & Inscriptions

Today, the tradition of memorializing family members with dignity lives on at Arlington.

Arlington can assist you in determining a lasting way to pay tribute to a departed loved one by helping you carefully choose the stone and inscriptions to perpetuate your remembrance. Both traditional bronze and the finest of granite are offered for an ageless, durable memorial to reflect your expressions of devotion in a permanent way. The professional staff at Arlington is responsible for providing sympathetic and expert guidance in helping you select a memorial within your means and appropriate for your site.

From the moment you select your memorial, and throughout the many years you visit, we believe you will find a high level of caring that has become a tradition at Arlington Cemetery.

Arlington Cemetery offers many selections in tombstones. The variations in size, texture, dimensions, color, and quality of stone are nearly limitless. You can place your trust in our specialized knowledge, experience, and sincere interest in helping you to memorialize your loved one. Here are some basic descriptions of the remembrances available:

Head Stones

One-piece granite or bronze memorials designed to be placed at the head of a single grave. Depending on the specific rules for your lot, they can be ordered in many different styles and colors. Common styles are Monolith, Slant Marker, Hickey Marker, or Flush Marker.


One large, continuous piece of granite on a pedestal base meant for the head-center of a lot containing two or more graves and can be used to memorialize several family members.

Private Family Mausoleums

Mausoleums are stately enclosures recognized throughout the ages as grand declarations in memorializing family members. Arlington Cemetery is renowned for the handsome architecture of its mausoleums that feature stained glass windows, and private places of prayer. We have many sights available for family mausoleums, and our representatives can assist you in selecting a lot as well as designing a mausoleum that will reflect your family’s heritage.

Government Markers

We can help you pay tribute to those who served our country. All veterans are entitled to a government marker, and we can assist you with the order and the installation.


When it comes time to add a loved ones name to a memorial, our expert craftsmen will come onsite and match the new inscription to the existing lettering. The memorial does not have to be moved, and you can be sure of the quality of the work.

We ask that you discuss your ideas and needs, in-depth, with one of Arlington’s knowledgeable representatives.