Greenhouse Services

The greenhouses at Arlington provide an easy way to add color and beauty to your family lot. We have flowers available for purchase during Easter, Memorial Day, and the Christmas holiday. Come in person and see our fine selection. Flower boxes are available in the spring and early summer while at Christmas time we offer wreaths and other seasonal decorations. All can be purchased for your lot, home or office.

If you live out of town we would be happy to place flowers on your loved ones grave for you. You can call 610-259-5800 and ask to be placed on our greenhouse mailing list to receive our brochures which list the flowers that are available and their prices.

You can also purchase flowers from this website and have them placed at the grave. Simply click here to see our available products.

Please note that the cemetery is cleared of all decorations three times a year. See our brochure for these important dates or call the office at 610-259-5800.